About Us

A Personal Note From Ms. Denise King, Training Director

Hey Guys, I’m Denise. I am a paramedic, an educator, a personal trainer and a corrective exercise
specialist. Having over 15 years in the Emergency Medical Services and over 12 years as an EMS
Instructor I observed throughout the years, the inability of people to perform in any type of
emergency that can have detrimental effects in their life. I am here to change this. I want to change
the way the public looks at educating themselves on being prepared. To take the responsibility to
help in times when it matters.

I think being an educator allows me to look at the how’s and the why’s. My story also leads me into
the other side of Life Cycle 360. The side of physical fitness. The side of movement and functionality
of training. I have always been a physical person and going to the gym and working out was my life.
Riding all over the country, jogging it was all part of my life. About 7 years ago I decided to get more
focused on what I wanted. I set goals to achieve. I got stronger, I got all sorts of how to do
exercises, read books, watched you tube, magazines it was all there. The problem was, not one of
the trainers that I went to for help and guidance was able to understand my body. It was like a one
size fits all approach to working out and introducing exercises. I have scoliosis that I had since I was
10 years old. I had surgery to correct my curved spine and left me with a steel rod to keep it from
curving more. To this day I have it.

This lack of understanding from trainers that I sought direction from lead me experiencing 2 major
injuries that I live with to date. A herniated disk and a shoulder impingement. I was told by my
doctor that I needed to stop walking, stop running which was very hard for me because that is my
life. Through the help of a strength and conditioning coach with speciality in disc herniation,
that I met online, I was introduced to a new way of strength training, educating me and changed the
way of how I did gym, how I did fitness. It changed my outlook. I guess it was a gift of injury. It
intrigued me into a new way to help people become aware of what can be done better. To
understand how we can help ourselves with the right information. I had my personal training
certification and went on to attain my Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification. I have been able to
make a difference in the functionality of the lives of some people with whom I have had the pleasure of working
with. Now I want to help more, to increase the awareness of how we should move as humans, how
we can become more by learning more.

I am Denise King
I am Life Cycle 360… Education is Life.

Our Team

Denise King

Training director

Denise is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic (under Creighton University) and she has been a National Registry Paramedic for the past 13 years. She is also a Certified Emergency Medical Services Instructor for the last 15 years (under Creighton University, Nebraska) and spearheads an approved American Safety and Health Institute Training Centre in Trinidad and Tobago, ‘Life Cycle 360’. She’s also a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist under the National Academy for Sports Medicine as well as a Mobility Specialist under The Ready State.

Milissa Peertamsingh

operations manager

Milissa is a highly experienced Sales Manager and Key Account Executive for the past 18 years.  Her experience and qualifications in this area coupled with her entrepreneurial pursuits has furnished her with a strong set of business management and interpersonal skills as well as a thorough understanding of business operations and strategic business development all evident by the stellar track record of growth she has generated and managed for quite a few large and well-known companies. She’s also a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach under the Institute of Integrative Nutrition out of New York.


Certified Movement & Mobility Specialist
The Ready State

Corrective Exercise Specialist
National Academy of Sports Nutrition

EMS Instructor
Creighton University

American Safety and Health Institute

Sports Nutrition
Shaw Academy